"The Star Wars cake pops (Darth Vader, C3PO, R2D2) were a hit at my 6 year-old's birthday party! Made 20 friends and their parents very happy! And no left overs, go figure!"- Shawna Marie
"I had a surprise baby shower today- thrown by my sweet Sea Turtle preschool class. Meg's sea turtle theme cake pops were absolutely the best! In awe over how fabulous they looked and tasted- some serious talent here! Thank you!"- Nicole Johansen
"With my dad being a small one-man business owner himself, he always taught me what sets mom and pop shops apart from corporations.... It's their heart, their desire, and their honesty. Meg puts her heart into every order and you can tell by the hand written card you receive with each order. I've known her for years and she's always wanted and desired to make pops for every occasion, even making them for an entire school staff for a holiday treat. Meg is honest. She isn't looking to dig in your pockets. She is affordable and realistic. And her pops match her business. They are deliciously moist to the core. They are satisfyingly adorable! And they are always above and beyond what I imagine they'll look and taste like! So proud to support this small local business!"- Rachel Castaneda

"Exceptional quality product! Out of many similar types of sweet treats, what sets Meg's pops well above the others is that the inner part of the cake pops are always very moist and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. The outsides are custom designed and always seem to turn out remarkably creative. In the past I've had delicious pops that are not that attractive; and I've had beautiful pops that were dry and sandy on the inside. Meg's poppin' pops are excellent inside and out. I highly recommend them"- Lori Townes

"Megan is beyond talented. If you are looking for delicious and beautiful treats, as well as a business owner who is delightful to work with, look no further!"- Amanda Cushman

"BEST I've ever had!!! Thank you poppin ' pops! Can't wait to order more."- Stacey Cato

"Meg has been making amazing Poppin' Pops for every family event we've had in recent memory. Baby showers, weddings, wedding rehearsals, birthdays, you name it. The day my Atlanta Falcons win the Superbowl (likely this year) we're doing a full sized Julio Jones and Matt Ryan Poppin' Pop. I just hope I don't cry when I eat them as I'm sure they will look like masterpieces. Meg doesn't mess around! 12/10 she's the real deal. Thx!"-Kevin Weidinger

"Can't say enough about these cake pops! It was my first time trying one and I absolutely loved the flavor! It's clear that this is a passion for you and you demonstrate that throughout the entire process from order to delivery."-Eric Torvie

 "I recently got a cake pop from my friend Madie Gilbert, and I absolutely loved it. It was very well made and the flavors were very good. I especially love the designs they make it is very creative. If I or my friends ever need a great, nice, well made cake pop, this is the place to go for sure!" - Mary Odisho

"They're beautiful!!"- Michelle Hughes